Jon Keegan

Investigative Data Journalist

February 22, 2023


What Kroger is doing with data about customers in its loyalty program

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with reporter Jon Keegan of The Markup about the data that Kroger grocery chain collects about customers in its loyalty program.

November 20, 2018

Make Me Smart podcast

Auditing Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood’s Twitter Accounts

I was asked to audit Marketplace hosts Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood’s Twitter accounts looking for signs of an echo chamber. Here I speak with them on their Make Me Smart podcast and share my findings.

November 14, 2018

Syracuse University

Syracuse University: How Social Media Impacted the 2018 Midterms

I appeared on a panel at the S.I. Newshouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. We discussed the midterms (which had just concluded the week prior) and how the social media platforms affected and responded to the events surrounding the elections.

September 10, 2018

Expresso Futuro

Expresso Futuro (Brazil)- Fake News and Manipulation

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ronaldo Lemos for his Brazilian TV show Expresso Futuro. We talked about filter bubbles, Facebook and trusted sources online (in English with subtitles in Portuguese). It also identifies me as a professor, which is fake news. My segment starts at 22:03

May 26, 2016


MSNBC Appearance: Blue Feed, Red Feed

I was interviewd on MSNBC by Steve Kornacki about "Blue Feed, Red Feed".

May 20, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

WSJ: Red Feed, Blue Feed: Liberal vs. Conservative Facebook

WSJ Personal Technology columnist Geoffrey Fowler and I discuss "Blue Feed, Red Feed".

March 16, 2016

The Wall Street Journal

How to Scan Your World in 3-D

My review of Occipital's Structure Sensor. Occipital's Structure Sensor snaps onto iPhones and iPads, giving the user the ability to capture 3-D scans anywhere. Photo/Video: Denise Blostein/The Wall Street Journal.

November 20, 2015

The Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, Near Saturn...

NASA's Cassini probe, which left the Earth in 1997, has been a major contributor to our increasing knowledge of the solar system. Since entering Saturn's orbit 11 years ago, the probe has photographed the gas giant's dazzling rings and many of its 62 orbiting moons. As the past decade's events unfolded back on our little blue marble, here's what Cassini was looking at.

November 20, 2015

The Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, Near Saturn...

Cassini's decade of exploring Saturn and its rings, and what we were doing back on Earth.